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William Dudek Manufacturing Co.

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Located in Chicago, IL

Specialists in the production of metal stampings using the fourslide and multi slide process

Our goal is to be your four slide metal stamping specialist helping solve your problems by functioning as part of your team, joining your engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing departments.

Fourslide metal stamping and multi slide forming machines are your best bet for the manufacture of custom clips, brackets, flat springs, spring steel clips and threaded clips and Wm Dudek Mfg has been specializing in the use of these machines for over 90 years. Among metal stamping manufacturers the fourslide and multi slide stamping process simplifies the manufacture of complex clips and brackets using less expensive and complex tooling than required by other stamping processes. This saves our customers time and money.

Let Wm Dudek Mfg do it all for you:

Part Design

Manufacturing thousands of different parts each year, we recognize part characteristics that work and those that work better. Let us review your part design for manufacturability.

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Part Value Analysis

We’ll answer the questions you should ask–before you ask them: Is your part being manufactured with the best selection of material, heat treatment, and plating? Are you paying incremental dollars for unneeded specifications to your part? Can we improve your part design?

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In-House Prototype & Tooling

Design, Fabrication, and Maintenance

You’ll save time and money when we find those hidden design issues before committing to hard tooling. You save and we learn. In many cases, what Wm Dudek Mfg learns during the prototyping phase increases efficiency of your part.

Use our tooling expertise. We know it takes high quality tooling to manufacture a consistent part, and great tool design can only come from companies with production expertise. Producing over 100,000,000 parts annually, our tooling design and fabrication are simply the best. All tool design and fabrication is done in house using state of the art CAD and the latest in EDM and CNC machining.

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Post Production Services

You reap the benefits of Dudek Mfg’s advantage: being located in Chicago means world class subcontractors, from heat treatment to plating and a host of others, are within a stone’s throw of our loading dock. This means the parts reach your doorstep quicker. Combine this with our history of working with these companies and you have an excellent manufacturing team.

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Delivery Programs

Interested in a no hassle way to order and receive your parts? Wm Dudek Mfg has been running a Kanban system for one of their customers since 1987 because it gets you the parts you want on time. Get in touch to learn more about the programs we offer.

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Still not sure if we can solve your problem?

Check out our Capabilities for material and machine capacities.

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As a premier contract manufacturer, Wm Dudek Mfg’s quality system has been certified by DQS Inc to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, we specialize in the manufacture of the following types of metal stampings.


Clip manufacturers have, for decades, used the fourslide stamping process as their go to process. Whether your custom clip needs to be manufactured from stainless steel, high carbon steel, cold rolled steel or some exotic non-ferrous alloy Wm Dudek Mfg can handle it. Our decades of experience manufacturing clips of every sort allows us to shorten the development cycle helping you get your product to market faster.

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Our wide range of machine sizes enables Wm Dudek Manufacturing to be one of the most versatile bracket manufacturers in the US. If your bracket is made from metal in the thickness range of .005 to .134 inches with a length of up to 32 inches we can be your one stop source. Over the years are brackets have ranged from a simple 90 degree angle bracket to the tube support bracket shown in our gallery.

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More About the Process…

Maintains Part Geometry

Spring steel clip manufacturers must rely on excellent process control to guarantee that post production heat treat of the spring steel clip does not distort the part beyond the customer’s specifications. Wm Dudek Mfg uses high definition inspection cameras and an automated process to measure and record all the critical dimensions of our spring steel clips. We make these inspections before and after heat treat recording all the dimensional data automatically on our network. Armed with this data we hone in on the optimum pre heat treat dimensions that will yield a consistent, to print part for our customers.

Superior Corrosion Protection & More Attractive Finish

Flat springs is a term used by flat spring manufacturers to describe any metal stamping that is fabricated from metal strip as opposed to a coiled spring made from wire. In many cases flat springs are manufactured from a tempered metal there by eliminating the need for a post production heat treatment. On many occasions Wm Dudek Mfg has eliminated the post production heat treat and plating of a flat spring by producing the spring from a tempered stainless steel. This not only provides superior corrosion protection when compared to a heat treated and plated flat spring but also provides the spring with a consistent, attractive finish.

Which Should I Use? Four Slide or Multi Slide?

Multislide stamping machine manufacturers have for decades marketed the differences between a multi slide and a four slide machine. Don’t let the talk of different types of machines confuse you. These machines are very similar with their own strengths and weaknesses when compared to each other. Both are capable of precision metal stamping. Bottom line…send us your design and we will make sure that your part is manufactured on the best possible machine.

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