Technology – enabling the associates of Wm Dudek Mfg to meet and exceed your expectations.
Improving our quality and service while lowering your cost

State of the Art ERP – Shop Edge


Up to the minute information on your order is at our finger tips – when you need to know the exact status of your order, call! From the moment we start the processing of your order our system is gathering information – When will production begin?, What is the hourly production rate?, How many pieces have been fabricated?, What is the status of the subcontracted processes? DO WE HAVE PRODUCT IN INVENTORY? A few pecks on our keyboards and the answers to your questions appear.


Do you have questions concerning a shipment you received last week, last month or last year? Our system will provide you with the trail of information that follows each one of the products we produce through the supply chain. Each lot, each container of product has a unique serial number, bar coded label that follows the product from our work center to your door. Need material certs? – we have them, heat treat results? – no problem, plating specs – done!, containment – mistake proof.

Leave the planning to us

we will import your SAP or other ERP forecast and use that information to guarantee that we always have your product ready to ship.


When we tell you we have enough product to satisfy your demand, you can count on it. Every pound of raw material and every container of WIP and finished goods is bar coded giving us instant, accurate inventory information.

Full Proof

no skipped operations here – the system will not let product move to an operation out of sequence.

Quality Inspections based on the Keyence Imaging System

The Keyence Instant Imaging system is used for the in process inspection of the products we manufacture for you. This high definition camera based part inspection tool takes the operator error out of measurement improving our ability to make a consistent part that meets your requirements.

  • Up to 99 measurements taken in seconds.
  • Notifies our production associates if a dimension is out of tolerance.
  • Stores each measurement taken in our networked database.
  • Provides the statistical and historical information that helps you and Dudek improve your products.

Tooling Design and Fabrication – High Quality Lower Cost

Let our engineering experience and technological advantage create the quality tooling needed to produce your part.

  • Great tool design can only come from companies with production expertise.
  • Wm Dudek Mfg produces over 100,000,000 parts annually.
  • A consistent, high quality part begins with precision tooling
  • Utilizing CAD, CNC machining centers and Wire EDMs we produce all our precision tools and dies, in house
  • In house tooling fabrication gives us project control from start to finish
  • Part revisions and modifications that require tooling changes are handled quickly
  • Our preventative maintenance program monitors tool wear and ensures we replace inserts to keep the tool and dies operating like new.
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