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Industry: Consumer Electronics

Challenge We Faced

Eliminate heat treat distortion to improve part performance

The original handle for this application (fabricated by another manufacturer) was made in a progressive die out of C1050 annealed spring steel, heat heated, deburred and nickel plated. The function of the handle required it to slide freely in a mating slot. Due to heat treat distortion the handle was never quite dimensionally correct and would bind in the slot.

Idea We Formed

wm dudek mfg proposed making the part out of a ½ hard tempered stainless steel which would ensure the needed strength and eliminate the heat treatment process. The material was purchased with a skived, full round edge, eliminating the need for deburring. Gussets were added in the corners at the 90 degree bends to improve dimensional stability. To enhance the appearance the part it was electro-polished giving it a chrome like finish.

Solution Benefits

A dimensionally consistent part with superior aesthetics at half the price.

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